Tax Sale Intensive The 5 Types of Properties Easily Flipped or Bought - (Hartford)

Posted on: 08/05/13


August 13, 2013 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Connecticut CT REIA Members: $39 Not-Yet-Members: $59 Full details available at 5 Types of Properties Easily Flipped or Bought for Huge Profits at Every Tax Sale in the Country This is a follow up to our monthly meeting on August 12th. Be sure to attend whether or not you can attend the monthly meeting. This is a one day intensive training on: * Tax Sales (and all the terminology that goes along with it) * Entity Structuring ... most people have it all wrong * The 5 most profitable deals you can find at tax sales * How to choose the right investment for you based on your capital position and your stage of life * How to use breakthrough software to sort through thousands of leads and uncover the exact prospects you want to focus in on * How to profit from tax sales This training is usually reserved for Bob Diamond's high-end coaching students. However, because of CT REIA's relationship with Ed and Bob Diamond, they are willing to share this. * Strategy for finding the 5 most profitable deals at tax sales * How to make money by "wholesaling" them AND by buying/holding them * Sorting through thousands of leads to find the EXACT ones you want to go afterThis is NOT a repeat of MONDAY night - you want to come to both! During this training, you will understand the terminology you need to know, including: tax sales, tax auctions, tax liens, tax deeds, redemption periods and more. * You will discover where to purchase and where not to * How to choose the best strategy for the amount of money you have available to you (your capital position) versus the risk you can tolerate (based on your stage and age in life). You can use tax sale properties to create a balanced portfolio that helps you get to your financial freedom position. * How to make money from property you don't want to keep * How to make positive cash flow PASSIVELY on properties you hold onto The Diamonds are making millions of dollars a year using this system ... and they want you to have the same success. They are also looking to partner with you on the properties you don't want to keep. This is absolutely not a system or property type you know about, because up until now you could not find these and with this software you can. 24,800 properties go to tax sale a day. This is the software that helps you find the proverbial needle in the haystack!

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