David Seymour Exclusive Event for CT REIA Members and Guests - (Hartford)

Posted on: 07/17/13


July 27, 2013 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Meriden, CThttp://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=v&i=585 Discover the 7C's to Wholesale, Rehab, and Rental Success. Dave Seymour, star of A&E's "Flipping Boston", has designed this one day event ESPECIALLY for CT REIA. During this hi-test turbo-charged day, Dave will share with you the 7 C's to Real Estate Success: Commit Let's check your Mindset. Are you TRULY ready to take action in THIS market? Clarify * How to know your market? * Where to buy ... and where NOT to buy * How to evaluate properties to put your hands on profit-making deals * How to find properties below market value Collect * Simple strategy to develop a continuous source of lead generation * Both Online and Direct Mail marketing methods Collect your team * Calculate * How to run the numbers to create a Fail Safe Deal. After all, we are not gamblers, we are investors * How to Estimate Repairs * How to calculate cash flow * What is MOFO? HINT: your "go / no go" evaluator Contracts * Paperwork - what paperwork you need for each type of deal * How to create your relationship with attorneys * How to control properties with just a contract Construct * Do's and dont's of repairs - make maximum profit from each dollar of rehab invested * Failsafe contractor selection Cash Out - The BEST Part! * How to get paid from: Wholesaling, Flipping, Holding for cash flow * How to wholesale to other investors * And have Multiple Exit Strategies (remember? We are investors, not gamblers!) PLUS These bonuses: * Sources of funding for qualified students * Access to software that will automate your search and put you ahead of the competition

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