Dave Lindahl's All Day Event with Multi-Family Investing Secrets - (Hartford)

Posted on: 06/11/13


June 15, 2013. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Courtyard Marriott 4 Sabethe Drive, Cromwell, CT CT REIA & AOACT Members: $29 Non-Members: $39 Register at http://www.ctreia.com/events.php?a=r&i=575This is Just Some of What We'll Cover In Our Day Together... * How to profit from as many apartment units as you like, and NEVER deal with tenants! * I'll reveal my Strategies how you can invest in apartments even if you have no down payment, and lousy credit. * Sure, apartments deal with bigger numbers than small homes...but the profit's way bigger, too! I'll show you how my systems handle the big numbers with ease. * How apartments make you wealthy safer and faster. * 4 Essential Keys to successful apartment house ownership. * 4 Key Reports you must have on multi-family properties, to keep you profitable. * My critical Multi-Family Formula for property value. * The 4 Market Cycles: Find out how to determine accurately what stage of the market cycle you're in at any time, in any area. * What your 3 main objectives should be when buying apartments. Follow these, and you'll become wealthy faster than you ever dreamed. * How to sell an apartment house and defer all the tax on your profits. * Creative ways to decrease expenses on multi-family properties. * "Tough but fair" management. * Value Plays: What they are, and why you absolutely MUST understand them. * The two – and only two – ways you can make more money than you are now. * How you can Analyze a MultiFamily property in less than 3 minutes! * 9 creative ways to increase profits on multi-family properties. * How to hire a good property management company. (Folks, you don't want to spend your valuable time managing your manager!) * My property management Rules of Thumb will save you time and trouble! * How you can become a Millionaire using 1031 Exchanges in less than 4 moves! * How to Find Motivated Sellers to Call you to sell you their buildings! * How it is Far Less Risky to own Multi-Family Properties as opposed to Single Family Homes. * Plus much more, including ALL of your questions! * Why Dave Lindahl is Uniquely Qualified To Show You How To Profit From ApartmentsI've been involved in more than 550 real estate deals across America in the last nine years. I currently own over 7,320 units and own in 8 different states! I had a business as a landscaper, but was starving in the long New England winters. Probably like you, I had a full-time job, and wanted to find a way to break into real estate and get out of the rat race. To do that, I quickly realized that investing in Multi-Family properties was the way to get me there Fast! When I was getting started there was nobody out there teaching Multi-Family techniques. That means if I was able to go from "broke" to "able to retire" in 4 ½ years, you'll be able to do it even faster!

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