Best In the Business Series 2-Day Millionaire Summit - (Hartford)

Posted on: 05/23/13


June 1 and 2, 2013. 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Four Points Sheraton 275 Research Parkway, Meriden, CT Register and Learn More at Lowry: Insider Secrets To Quick Cash With Auctions And Foreclosures You’ll learn Step-by-Step how you too can start living your life with FINANCIAL FREEDOM. We’ll start with the basics, then quickly move into the advanced techniques of property finding that only seasoned professionals know about. You will be using these methods right from the start to buy and hold or sell SUPER BARGAINS. You will learn exactly how much to offer for a property so you know you have a bargain. This makes you a professional. A true bargain hunter!!You Will Learn * How to write an "ALL CASH" offer and get a great deal without using any of your own money. * How to buy foreclosures from banks and trust companies wholesale. * How to use Options to make big money without buying. * How to make $50,000 Cash or more in the next 60 days. * How to make money by assigning contracts and laugh all the way to the bank! * How to use multiple offer situations to come out on top. * How to harness the power of the Internet to get motivated buyers & sellers coming to you! * How to structure a foolproof "Profits on Auto-Pilot" system that pays you month after month. * How to harness the power of the Internet to get motivated buyers & sellers coming to you! * How to buy a home, even with bad credit. * How to dramatically reduce your taxes up to 70% legally. * How to eliminate your debt... this year! * Make more money than you can imagine, using techniques that work in today’s market! * Learn exactly how to find, negotiate and fund the best deals in any market!Reggie Brooks: Big Money Using the "The Abandoned and Distressed Property System" - A Unique Niche In The Marketplace Have you ever wanted to easily create a great income and live like a multi-millionaire while you help other people? Do you want to get rich without having to spend years in investment training? Then this will be one of the most important parts of the training. You’ll learn how to make multiple thousands of dollars that’ll allow you to call your own shots and write your own ticket in your own life. This amazing special real estate investment training shows how you can quickly and easily explode your income with abandoned and distressed properties (guaranteed to blow your mind), without money, credit, or a job!"You Will Learn * How to automate the abandoned property system and get profitable properties "Chasing You". * How to make $10,000 by next week with Abandoned Properties! * How to use Government Programs that help other people while you make substantial profits. * How to use the Internet to invest in real estate - from the comfort of your own home. * Uncover hidden value in properties that even above average investors overlook! * How to invest with no credit! * How to invest with no cash! * How to find Realtors who specialize in the investment strategy that you’re interested in - foreclosures, development, probate, etc. * Insider secrets that the professional investors use to turn $15,000 profits into $50,000 profits and more. * Hot new tips and insights into how the professionals find deals in today’s market! (These are strategies you could be using right now to create bigger profits and increased cash flows!) * How to profit from properties that most real estate investors consider worthless!Reggie Brooks: The Perfect High Yield Investment... And The Checks Come Straight From The Government! $46,774 from 12 hours work! That is how much PROFIT Matt and Laurence made from their first home they purchased at a Tax Deed Sale. Their latest deal netted them $408,000 from an investment of $52,000! Tax Deed sales occur all across America and we believe they are the safest, easiest and best way to find heavily discounted real estate. Are you tired of working for someone else? Learn the secrets of tax sales. Take that first step and change your life today! * How to earn guaranteed fixed rates of return of 16%, 24%, even as high as 50% interest per year. * Why Tax Lien Deeds and Tax Lien Certificates are one of the safest and highest yielding investment vehicles in the world today * Plenty of profitable inventory - $7 to $10 billion worth of Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Lien Deeds each year. * How to make money while helping the homeowner and the County at the same time. * How to invest pennies on the dollar and own the real estate Free And Clear! * How and where to find tax deeds and tax lien certificates. * Facts you must know about tax deed auctions and tax lien sales. * How to invest in tax lien certificates and tax lien deeds from home. * Invest from your IRA and make large profits tax free! * Exactly how the tax deed investing and tax lien certificates process works.Bill J. Gatten: Creatively Acquiring Valuable Property and Easily Protecting Your Assets Using Trusts Unfortunately there are far too many over-encumbered home owners who would gladly list and sell if they just didn't have to face the pitfalls of the many Offer and Comprise (short sale) and "walk away" options they have been exposed to. What could be better for a buyer than the benefits of home ownership without a new loan, without bank qualifying and without a large (if any) down payment ... and an after-tax payment that's less than rent? What's better for an "over-the-barrel" seller than avoiding the penalties of short-sale or foreclosure and the negatives of renting or leasing the property out ... especially when the buyer even pays some or most (or "all") of the Realtors commission? * How to acquire unlimited ownership of income property without down payment, bank qualifying, or undue credit risk. * How to easily protect your hard earned assets using specific trusts. * How to Safely Assume Non-Assumable Loans Without Down Payment or Credit Qualifying-and Without Due-On-Sale Clause Compromise. * Airtight Seller-Financing, that puts a stop to unscrupulous sellers quietly (purposefully or negligently) encumbering a property further, or clouding its title. * Safe Seller Carry-backs wherein a defaulting party, theoretically, can not claim "Equity" to thwart or forestall eviction and force a Foreclosure Action. * How to buy income property for virtually nothing down and nothing per-month: with no management, maintenance, vacancies or negative cash flow. * How to buy your home or investment property with nothing down, no bank qualifying or credit hassles.

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